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The Flagship (Park Heights)

Baltimore, MD



Square Feet





The Flagship draws on the need to bring Suburban America back to the urban terrain without sacrifice of quality or style. We want to attract young professionals and families to West Baltimore with the aesthetics and amenities that they see on their Instagram, TikTok, and Airbnb Vacations. 

The colors of the property are from the Rogers Station Sign across the street from the site and its Parallel to to the Maryland Flag and Seal. This Development is will be the first single family Transit Oreinted Development (TOD) in Park Heights Area. The Flagship is meant to be exactly what its namesake means in definition, but also a beacon to call attention to  West Baltimore as the Suburban Urban Living that  Millineials and Gen-z crave. The Flag is a representation of an institution or an idea that people can get behind. The ideas “The Flagship” represents are renaissance, lifestyle, and community. 

The location of Park Heights also plays a part with the Preakness stakes .25 miles away. We are hanging a flag so other high-end development can be done in the area as a rally around The Flagship.


  • Two Rooftop Decks

  • Patio

  • 2 Car Garage/ 4 Car Driveway

  • Commercial Sized Stove and Oven

  • Master Suite with Gym and Walk in Closet

Project Gallery

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