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Development and Acquisition

Affordable housing has been at the bedrock of our nation since inception. We have neglected this over the years for mid to luxury housing. Our thesis is that the opportunity to develop and acquire the affordable units will produce high returns while America goes through an economic, political, and cultural reconstruction period. The need for affordable units outweighs the supply. Bull Development will use its long-term investment philosophy and valuation experience to develop the affordable assets that are models of sustainable communities over the next 50 years.

Bull development focuses on high-yielding, risk-adjusted, development, and investment opportunities involving land and residential projects located in the Mid-Atlantic region. Principals have been conducting business for over three decades. Strong ties to the community have allowed Bull Development to develop an unparalleled knowledge of market fundamentals, as well as develop a broad network of industry contacts to source, fund, and execute on new opportunities. Our approach to development is to start with proper intention, positive impact through community partnership, and valuation.

Valuation and Advisory

Bull Development is licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia for residential and commercial appraisals. We work with residential and commercial clients from institutions to private investors to underwrite loans and make investment decisions. We have advised developers and investors with feasibility and site selection. Our goals is to provide our clients with all pathways to make a informed investment decision.


Bull Development views sustainability as the major catalyst for growth and development of a better future for residents. Our approach to sustainability is grounded in what location needs development? Second, What amenities are required to create a sustainable community? Third, What is our desired long term impacts? We believe sustainability starts with the people and then the amenities (such as solar, job training, community clean up, etc..), can be used to support the community

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