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Hayward Ave Development

Investment Highlights
Proposed Completion Date:  2023

Total Value Creation: $60 Million

Proposed Zoning: TOD-1

Proposed Units: 280

Commercial Space: 5,000 Sq Ft

Community Engagement Hours: 200

Hayward Ave Development is located directly in front of Rogers Ave Transit Station. There has been limited investment into the area, but is part of the Park Heights Master Plan. Bull Development assembled 4 lots for a total of 1.99 acres. Currently the site is zoned R-6. Through community and city support, Bull Development would like to engage in the process to re-zone the site to TOD-1. TOD-1 zoning is similar to the the state own lots adjustment to the site. Our re-zoning will create a more comprhensive development in the area in front of the transit station.

  Once re-zoned, Bull Development is proposing a 280 unit mixed use (Residential and Retail) structure. The goal is to use the building to services the needs of the neighborhood. The amenities package will include youth community center,  gym, and bike/workshop. These amenities can be enhance to benefit the neighborhood and residents through partnership with community associations and non-profits that provide services that address residents needs.  

Our Approach

Bull Development approach is based on a community first approach. Unlike most developers we seek to educated communities on the development process and address all issues by providing data and strategy that includes the communities needs. We look at development as a foundation of economic activity for a community. Development done right can be a tool to use the financial resources to address community needs such as job training, cleanliness, business formation, and public safety. 

Our approach creates a sustainable model where resources can stay in the community and increase the value of that community. Our desired impact is that not only do residents of our developments benefit, but the community at large benefits. We will create an ecosystem that can address the typical concerns that communities about new development. 

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