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Company History

Bull Development was founded by Winfield Willis Sr. in 1990. Winfield over 40 years has amassed business experience in various industries (Oil, Banking, Real Estate). Winfield has managed and coordinated every phase of a real estate development process from conception to completion, including negotiating the property purchase, obtaining financing, civil engineering, designing, permit processing, and construction management. He has conducted meetings with contractors, architects, engineers, escrow agents, lenders, and attorneys to coordinate closings, special conditions, terms of contract solicitations, and monitoring contract performances. Oral and written reports to the zoning and planning commission. Bull Development is a minority and veteran-owned business. The firm has licensed realtors (National/Maryland Association of Realtors) and licenses Certified General Appraiser (Maryland, Washington D.C, Virginia). Registered Maryland Home Builder (MHB#)


Bull development has shifted its company to focus on appraising/consulting,  residential development and acquisition of multi-family properties. The company has acquired enough experience to take the next step to a regional real estate firm. Bull Development has added two family members with experience and skills to add on to the foundation and take the family business to another level.

Past Projects
  • Coordinated approximately 57 Veteran handicap housing projects in Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia with an average of $70,000 per project

  • Completed every phase of the development process including installing roads and utilities for 23 new homes in the Hillsdale Estates development project

  • Purchased and renovated an apartment building on McCulloh Street in Baltimore City

  • Purchased and renovated approximately 17 homes in Baltimore City

  • Completed Guard House on Rockenbach Road at Fort Meade Army Base

  • Completed several small additions and repairs at Andrew Air Force Base

  • Installed water and sewer lines for Washington Sewer & Sanitation Commission

  • Completed a parking lot for Wayland Baptist Church in Baltimore City

  • Completed 500 seat New Mount Nebo Baptist Church sanctuary in Prince Georges County

  • Completed Salon Nouveau tenant buildout in Class A District of Columbia building

  • Completed rental center addition to Home Depot in Dale City. Virginia

  • Renovated 3 service stations and build 1 new in Houston, Texas

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